Why My Study Abroad Experience was Life Changing Japan

– Written by: Cintia Morello

Little did I know when leaving the familiar comforts of home to experience an unfamiliar culture, I would embark on the next great and rewarding adventure of my life.

Language in and of itself is fascinating and the technique of immersion is truly the best and quickest way to learn. Here are a few valuable lessons and tips for those pursuing a path of cultural awareness through studying a language abroad.

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A traditional English language summer camp for 11-16 year-olds

Residential course with 22.5 hours of English classes combined with a fun-filled activity and excursion programme, this is perfect for students wanting to experience a traditional summer boarding school environment.

Included w/ Bucksmore Summer programs:Bucksmore Summer

  • Full-board accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers (Heathrow & Gatwick airports)
  • Enrolment on Bucksmore Assessment
  • Personalised report card & certificate
  • Entrances to attractions on excursions
  • Full activity programme

Who are we? What do we do?

  • Learn a second or even a third language
  • Travel to a foreign destination
  • Take language courses during the day and sleep in the home of a native family or in a student residence at night
  • Meet tons of new friends

You will be practicing the new language 24 hours a day and will learn it very quickly, but that’s not all… You will be forming friendships that will last a lifetime and experiencing things that you’ve never dreamed of while traveling abroad. Study abroad today if you want to learn a language with natives.


We work hard sifting through all of the information provided by the language schools on our site and visiting these schools so that you don’t have to. We can help you find the best school in any area and help organize your accommodation as well.

It is the most amazing way to spend a month, year or more AND Study Abroad looks great on a resume.

We an authorized agent for English UK (association of language schools) and were awarded the STM Star Award as the Star New Agency in 2011 and as the Star North American Agency in 2013 (read more).

How on Study Abroad on a budget… Study Abroad on a budget

Most people with the desire to study abroad are cowed by the expenses they think they will incur.

Although leaving one’s country to go and stay in a foreign land will definitely cause some pocket dent, one can manage just fine.

Depending on the country you are going to, it is possible to make arrangements that do not necessarily require you to rob a bank.

Learn how to study languages abroad without breaking the bank!

How long will it take to learn Chinese in China?Learn Chinese

Of all the places you can learn Chinese, there’s no doubt that learning it in the traditional land of origin where it’s spoken as the official language (with an unbeatable natural flair, mind you), is the best place to be for it.

In China, you will find a stimulating environment to start your incredible journey of mastering this rich and colorful language…

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Study Spanish in Madrid…

and enjoy the “Running of the Balls”

Spanish Town Changes its Traditional Festival “Running of the Bulls” to a More Modern “Running of the Balls”.

In Guadarrama National Park in Madrid they are doing things a little bit differently…

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Where should I study Spanish abroad?

Studying Spanish abroad in Spanish speaking nations facilitates a better understanding of the Spanish language for sure. But again, all Spanish speaking nations do not provide equal opportunities for people who want to learn Spanish.

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Learn Japanese in the land of the rising sun!

Japan has a certain kind of mysticism about it. As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it attracts tourists and students alike, making them believe that they will be part of something extraordinary.

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