Working Holiday Visa – Programme Vacances TravailAVI

You are going abroad with a Working Holiday Visa, a Programme Vacances Travail?

You are looking for an insurance and assistance package adapted to budget and needs of Working Holidays?

Working Holiday Visa-PVT covers you for the whole length of your visa.

You will travel with a Working Holiday Visa – PVT  exclusively.

  • Age limit of the insured: 35
  • Number of persons insured: 1
  • Place of Coverage: Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Argentina
  • Territory : you can benefit of AVI International coverage in the country which issued your WORKING HOLIDAY Visa as well as the neighbour countries for a stay not exceeding 2 weeks.
  • Nationality of the insured: all nationalities
  • Length of coverage: 12 months maximum renewable


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