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Learn English in Vancouver

Vancouver is the biggest city in western Canada. Situated on the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the coastal mountains its spectacular beauty is famous throughout the world. Vancouver, however, is beauty with substance.  Learn English in Vancouver

With 2 million people in greater Vancouver a large multi-cultural community and vibrant arts scene gives Vancouver a cosmopolitan atmosphere that rivals any of the world’s great cities.

Vancouver and its surrounding areas are endowed with rain forests, lakes, mountains and the Pacific Ocean making it a recreational paradise.

Learn English in Vancouver

Vancouver plays host to English language students from all over the world who wish to Study Abroad in Canada.

It’s proximity to Asia makes it a popular destination for language learners from the Pacific Rim; its natural beauty draws international students from every corner of the globe.

English students in Vancouver have access to one of the best transportation systems in Canada. Schools offering ESL in Vancouver are tightly regulated by the province of British Columbia; teachers also must be accredited, ensuring a high standard of instruction throughout the province.

All accredited schools must provide multiple levels of classes to suit the ability of their students and have up to date facilities in order to provide an appropriate learning environment, making Vancouver THE place to study abroad.

English Schools in Vancouver

Study Abroad in Canada – Living in Vancouver

International students in Vancouver enjoy life in a city that the United Nations consistently ranks as one of the most livable cities in world.

Vancouver residents live a short distance from world class skiing, snowboarding and hiking.

The international makeup of the city offers a limitless choice of dining and entertainment options.

ESL learners living in Vancouver who find accommodation in a homestay a student house or on their own are always impressed by the hospitality and kindness shown by the people of Vancouver.

As a tourist centre and host of the 2010 winter Olympics Vancouver prides itself on its ability to make the whole world feel welcome. Come Study Abroad in Vancouver today!