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The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is for students who want to teach or tutor English in their own country.

2012 dates: June 4th, August 6th, November 5th

Students have the opportunity to make classroom observations and practice teaching, and will be required to give numerous individual and team presentations.

This program is also ideal for students who want to recognize their own mistakes and improve their public speaking skills.

The 4-week part-time program includes a study of various:

  • Teaching methodologies
  • Classroom management skills
  • Lesson planning and development skills
  • Practical correction techniques
  • Student and textbook assessment skills
  • Motivation skills

Sample topics that are covered in this program are:

  • Introduction Activities
  • Ice Breakers
  • Warm-up Activities
  • Classrooms Dynamics
  • ESL Resources
  • Different Kinds of Teachers / Students
  • Group Management Strategies
  • Lesson Planning
  • Time Distribution
  • ESL Resources
  • Grammar / Vocabulary Games
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Keeping Learners Motivated
  • Discussion / Debate Topics
  • Using Videos / Music
  • In-Class Teaching Practice

The students who successfully complete this program will receive a CSLI TESOL Diploma.

*Available for High Intermediate and Advanced level students


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