Learn Tango and Spanish in Argentina!expanish

Combine Spanish lessons with tango in Argentina, an excellent way to learn Spanish while enjoying the passionate and inspiring Tango culture of Buenos Aires.

Our Tango and Spanish course goes further than most, providing students with a full immersion into Buenos Aires intriguing tango culture, through a combination of Tango lessons in a local school, an authentic tango show and a milonga visit (traditional tango dance hall), while also offering the chance to practice Spanish in an alternative and fun environment.

What does it include?

  • Intensive Spanish Lessons – Two Weeks expanish

Our popular Intensive Spanish lessons include 4 hours per day (20 hours a week in total) of small group Spanish classes, with the aim of developing your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

  • Four Group Tango Classes

Our highly trained and experienced tango professor will teach students key tango dance steps through formal instruction and dance floor practice. Students will be taught, alongside locals the traditional steps as well as the latest improvisational techniques. Classes are suitable for all levels of dancer and are conducted in Spanish to ensure practical experience with the language, however, the teacher will speak English for those students who need guidance.

  • Tango Show (Can be arranged after arrival)

Soak up a tango show at Buenos Aire’s world famous Café Tortoni. Only a few blocks from Expanish, Café Tortoni is a beautiful and traditional Buenos Aires café, where students will experience a tango show danced by professionals against the backdrop of a live band.

  • Milonga Visit (Can be arranged)

Students will get the chance to put into practice the tango moves they’ve learned in class, or just sit back and watch the locals, at a traditional and intimate milonga (tango dance hall) in the heart of San Telmo. The evening provides a fascinating insight into the continuing popularity of Buenos Aires’ famous dance, in the traditional setting of a milonga.

Quick Facts

  • Spanish lessons: 40 hours (20 hours per week)
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Tango Program: Four group classes (1.5hr per class)
  • Start dates: Every Monday, year round
  • Spanish level: Total beginner to advanced

What’s included:

  • 40 hours Spanish Classes
  • Four Group Tango Classes
  • Welcome pack
  • Spanish course book
  • A selection of free and low cost immersion activities
  • Additional tutorial sessions
  • 24hour Emergency Contact helpline
  • Academic Activities
  • Benefit card

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