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Study in Washington DC, the Capital of the United States! Study Abroad in Washington DC

The nation’s capital. Those three words neatly sum up Washington’s global importance as governmental entity and its enormous appeal as a tourist destination.

Washington may be best known for the White House and national monuments but there’s much more to this city – a very vibrant nightlife, a large mix of cultures and cuisines and some great little neighborhoods to explore or even live in. A perfect city in which to study abroad!

Washington D.C. is a very important city as it’s the capital of the United States.

English schools in Washington DC

Best known for the White House, its many monuments and important museums, Washington actually has a lot more than this to offer too and is a great place to attend English courses and learn English.

Washington D.C. is not a huge city and has a population of only about 590,000 people.

This compact size makes also an attractive city for many language travel students who study abroad.

Experience a mixed culture when you study in Washington!

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You might expect Washington D.C. to be full of American born business men and women, but the city is actually a long way from the stereotype!

About 50% of the population arrived in Washington within the last 5 years and there are many immigrants from many parts of the world.

This means when you’re on your language immersion program you’ll run into people from all over the world! English is however the main language spoken here.

D.C.’s embarrassment of must-see riches—museums, monuments, memorials, galleries—makes putting together a sightseeing itinerary one truly daunting task.


Washington as a new destination to study abroad?

In a few words Washington DC is:

  • A MUST-SEE CITY: One of the world’s most talked-about destinations, DC attracts nearly 18 million visitors each year. People come from around the world to see all that the nation’s capital has to offer.
  • AN ACCESSIBLE CITY: With three airports, a convenient Metro system and plenty of pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, DC is easy to get to and around.
  • ACCESS TO POWER: DC is a power center with a robust economy. Everything happens here: business, politics, journalism, law, etc.

Washington DC offers a direct connection with leaders in the political sphere, world diplomacy, media, research and industry, plus dozens of the top colleges and universities in the US.

Employment rates in and around DC are also among the highest and best paid in the country. Opportunities for internships, networking, and life-changing connections are all here.

  • WALLET-FRIENDLY ATTRACTIONS: There’s no place that matches the assortment and quality of world-class and educational free attractions that await you in DC, from the magnificent memorials and monuments on the National Mall to world famous sites like the National Gallery of Art, the Library of Congress, and the museums of the Smithsonian Institution.
  • AN INTERNATIONAL CITY: A true global village, DC is home to people of all different cultures, plus more than 150 embassies and international cultural centers.
  • A CITY THAT CELEBRATES: Festivals, special events, citywide conventions and cultural events are always on the calendar in DC, giving your students the chance to immerse themselves in the American experience.