In 2015 All About Languages will be touring the world!Globe

We are giving your school the opportunity to reach students from Spanish speaking countries at reduced rates as compared to attending the fairs yourselves.

We will be presenting school’s information at Study Abroad Events across the world, reaching hundreds of thousands of prospective students. We will be representing 6 schools per event exclusively.

There will be NO competition from other schools located in the same location as the schools we are representing at our table, so there is no worry about schools from your city being represented alongside yours.

Find statistics of 2014 fairs here:

We guarantee maximized representation!

If we promote your school as a sponsor we will:

    • Educate students on your program & accommodation options (an extensive information session with our staff is included in the rate) and school location
    • Hang a poster at our stand promoting your school (if possible) and display any other marketing materials you may have
    • Distribute your school brochure (with our card attached) to students, as many as possible and send you the final counts after the event
    • Provide you with a list of students (names & emails) who are interested in your school & it’s location
    • Create pages on & with event information, photos and also list your school on that page as a sponsor

We would receive a commission on all student bookings that come from this fair, that number will be negotiable.

*All materials would need to be sent to our offices in Madrid or the US once payment is made.

We would be selling your school, with no competition from any of the other schools on our site for as many days that each event runs.

This is an amazing offer and we are very excited about this new feature!