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Work-Study Programs

We all know the economic and social problems that are going on all throughout the USA, Europe and most of the developed world…

In our country, you need to excel in a work environment that is becoming more and more competitive each day while the work force demands even more and more training.

Many young and not so young Americans are beginning to leave the country in search of a more favorable future or work experience in other countries while learning languages.

We have collaborated with several of our partner schools to develop language courses with labor practices (paid and unpaid) in countries like Canada, France or England.

These practices will help you improve your resume, experience and language skills while opening doors in a labor market that has proven to be increasingly hostile.

So do not hesitate for a moment to do one of these courses with us.

Work and Study English in Canada

Work and Study English in England

Work and Study English in Ireland

Work and Study English in South Africa

Work and Study Chinese in China

Work and Study Italian in Italy

Work and Study Spanish in Spain


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