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The study abroad industry continues to innovate every day trying to match the needs and preferences of students, whether more language + sports courses, wine tastings, courses for over 50 year olds, more art courses … the list of choices is immense.

For this reason, more and more students are at one with the world around us and yearn to contribute to change for the better.

With this concept in mind language schools have created more language courses involving volunteering.Volunteer Abroad

These courses allow you to undertake your studies in the language of choice, while offering volunteer aid in the country of destination, in orphanages, hospitals or less advantaged communities.

At All About Languages we currently offer an English course in Cape Town, South Africa at the International House school in Cape Town.

The course involves 3 weeks of General English classes plus one week volunteering at  the Orphan Heart orphanage.

You will be caring for orphans, with love and daily care, and with extra help after school to help with their education, or with emotional support.

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English Speaking Countries

South Africa

This course will not only help you improve your English, but also to grow as a person.

The course teaches you to see the world from a different perspective.

In addition you will be helping disadvantaged children, which welcome with open arms any help they can receive.

So you know, if you put your two cents in to make the world a better place, please do a volunteer course with an All About Languages school, you can help change someone’s life for the better while enriching your life successfully.

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