Internet Marketing Deluxe Package

Do you have a Special Offer that you would like to promote?

We have devised a system to get that offer out to hundreds of thousands of students in just a week by utilizing the tools of Internet Marketers.

What we would do is build a fully customized landing page for the offer that would resemble this:

We will then promote that page on Google ads, Facebook with a boost, we would build a banner for our website, post it on twitter and send out a blast in a newsletter, it is an online marketing blast and it will reach hundreds of thousands of students in a few weeks.

You would pay for the paid advertising and the price would be flexible, depending on how much you wanted to invest.

We have tried to do it with one school and it is working really well.

Some schools that used similar listings (less complete) in 2013:

  • Wimbledon Language Academy, London: 80+ students booked!
  • West London Business College, London: 70+ students booked!
  • Skylark School of English, Malta: 40+ students booked!
  • Trinity College, Dublin: 35+ students booked!
  • Verbum Novum, Germany: 10+ students booked!

Please contact us at: or on 1 (800) 620-5567

The banner which would be posted on our Special offer page here:


The Facebook listing:

Facebook London