Spanish & Internship Programme

Malaca InstitutoSpanish & Internship Programme

In today’s business environment the ability to communicate in several languages is essential. However, young people and employers are increasingly looking for more than this. They want inter-cultural business skills of the sort that can only be gained by working in different countries.

Malaca Instituto organizes professional internships in Málaga. These are un-paid internships and the programme is intended to be for a minimum of 3 months.

Students must also take a minimum of 4 weeks Spanish but this can coincide with the first 4 weeks of the internship placement possible.. It should be understood that a student’s ability in Spanish is one of the primary criteria in determining the type of work.

Malaca Instituto will follow-up and monitor each student to ensure that they are happy in their work practice and are gaining the experience necessary to meet their objectives.

It should be noted that these work experience placements are not remunerated and that a fee is payable for the placement and monitoring service.

This programme offers an exceptional career enhancing opportunity for young people. If this sounds like the programme you are looking for please ask for further information.

The Internships can be in different professional areas and we find the following to be amongst the most popular:Spanish & Internship Programme

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Design
  • Hotel industry
  • Tourism
  • Medical services
  • Educational sector
  • Private and Public Institutions
  • Gastronomy

Start dates: Any Monday throughout the year, including summer. (Beginners in Spanish on scheduled beginner’s dates.)

Duration:3 months or longer.


  • Minimum 4 weeks Intensive Spanish (can be in parallel with first month of Internship).
  • Minimum 3 months, non-paid, Internship in a local Spanish company.

Entry level: Usually B2 – this can vary according to type of Internship requested.

Max. per class: Intensive Spanish – 10

Min. age: 18 years.

Supervision of Internship:

  • nominated host company supervisor.
  • formal, monthly, meetings in-company.
  • up-date meetings/phone conferences between MI co-ordinator and student each 2 weeks.


  • Malaca Instituto Certificates of Attendance for courses taken and Certificates of Linguistic Competence for exams passed.
  • Hosting company certificate of Internship.

This course requires a combination of minimum 4 weeks Intensive Course (20, 24 or 26 lessons per week or Super Intensive Course).

This course has also a registration fee

Spanish & Internships in Málaga

  • Placement fee (up to 6 months)
  • Civil responsibility insurance
  • Additional months (7th month onwards)

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