Our TEFL Cert. courses are designed and led by Alan Marsh B.A., M.A., M.Ed. (ELT), Cambridge ESOL CELTA and DELTA. Alan has over 30 years teaching and teacher training experience in various countries. Skylark

He has taught and developed teachers from all over the world. He is also President of MATEFL (Malta Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) www.matefl.org.

Alan is also a Course Tutor on the internationally prestigious Cambridge ESOL CELTA and DELTA courses.

The course is designed to provide participants with the basic teaching skills and knowledge they need in a communicative, learner-centred EFL classroom. Participants will normally have little or no experience of teaching EFL.

The course is highly practical. The procedures used to teach the trainees on the course are the same procedures that will be used when they teach a classroom of EFL students.

This makes all workshops highly dynamic and interactive classrooms, where the trainee doesn’t only read or hear about methodology, but actually has it demonstrated on them.

Teaching methodology is demonstrated via workshops/seminars, video, audio, and assignments, and there is a considerable amount of ‘get up and try it out’ on the course, where participants experiment with techniques by practising on fellow trainees.

You are already a fluent speaker of English. You instinctively use grammar correctly, but you perhaps don’t know why you use one form rather than another. This is what most learners want and need to know. Skylark

Don’t worry – the course also develops your Language Awareness. You’ll learn the names of the tenses in English, and when they’re used, for example. You’ll also learn about many other grammatical forms (for example the articles, noun phrases and verb phrases, determiners, demonstratives, adjectives, present and past participles, infinitives and gerunds, passives, conjunctions, pronouns).

We’ll also teach you the International Phonetic Alphabet as it is applied to English.

This particular TEFL Cert. course is a prestigious course, and is highly respected in Malta (and abroad).

Past trainees come back to us again and again to tell us how the methodology and knowledge they learned on the course have helped them survive and flourish in EFL classrooms, both in Malta and abroad. Our TEFL Cert. Courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education and the EFL Monitoring Board.

We look forward to welcoming you on our TEFL Cert. course. You’ll find it interesting, stimulating, and at times challenging. But most of all you’ll find that it is enjoyable and memorable and that it provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to teach TEFL. See you soon!

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