PROGRAM FOR SENIORS 50+ – Le Franc Parler Le Franc Parler

This program offers a unique opportunity for 50+ people to improve French Skills on a very pleasant way.

A very attractive way to discover the language and region.

Benefits of this course

  • Improve French skills in a very small group
  • qualified, experienced teachers,
  • small class sizes guaranteed based on ability levels
  • an atmosphere of friendly supportive caring
  • a cultural program : a way to discover the region, the nature, the culture, the traditional architecture
  • centrally located in a historical building,  the oldest of the city


French language course for Seniors 50+

This program combines language course for adults (20 lessons per week) and a program of cultural activities and excursions to discover our beautiful region.

The French lessons will prepare the afternoon activities and will allow every participant to develop comprehension skills and feel comfortable when using the language in every day’s life conversation

Your program:
- Language Course: 20 lessons per week 45’ each (9.00 – 10.30 / 11.00 – 12.30)
 + Program of cultural activities and excursions.

2 excursions in the afternoon

Examples of activities and excursions:

  • Wine tasting at the ‘Villa Malbec’ Boulevard Gambetta, Cahors
  • Visit of the medieval Cahors
  • Introduction about Cheese and cheese tasting at the Crémerie Marty
  • Lalbenque with its traditional truffle market (on season)
  • Abbey at Moissac, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Hiking in the Bouriane looking for the rural architecture : the Pigeonniers du Quercy
  • Hiking in The Quercy Blanc and around Moncuq
  • A heritage “taster” (a particular element of Cahors’ architectural heritage is explained by a tour guide, followed by a tasting of Cahors wines and a little “mise en bouche”)
  • Visits to vineyards: the vines, wineries, wine tasting. On the last visit, wine tasting and a gourmand snack

Students per class :  max 6

Accommodation very warmly recommended

Our host families

Staying with a French family is an excellent way to learn about French culture, experience the French way of life and intensify your knowledge of the French language.

Around the dinner table in the evening and at the weekend, you will hear French being spoken, and even if you are a beginner and you don’t understand everything, you will still be learning.

You will get to know the French way of thinking and of course you will have the chance to enjoy our famous cuisine. Some hosts may even introduce you to their friends and families and invite you to join them in their activities and show you around the region.

They have been chosen with great care in terms of their generosity and hospitality.

From Sunday dinner to Saturday breakfast, every day breakfast, dinner, single private room in a native French speaking family

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