Study French in Montpellier

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Do you want to Study French in Montpellier? Step aside Paris, Montpellier is the bright up and coming city in France that is attracting the eyes of students, families and businesses around the world. You will be able to speak French in no time!

With 70,000 students, Montpellier is a young, lively, vibrant and dynamic destination where the night life is the envy of its surrounding cities in the south of France. But not only young students flock to Montpellier as its cultural and natural attractions are sought after by people of all ages coming from all four corners of the world.

Study French in Montpellier

Are you looking to study French in France in a city where you can experience the perfect fusion of its rich historical character and the modern visionary look of its current leaders? Montpellier is your place. The city has a vibe quite unlike any other in the south of France with an ever growing international community that adds a unique flavor to an already vibrant population.

The locals always say that being bored in Montpellier is a hard task to accomplish. There is always something to do in Montpellier and at our French school, With its eternal calendar of festivals, exhibitions, fairs, sports events, and local produce markets, there are always plenty of reasons to travel around this magnificent city. Of course, always under the auspice of its ever present sun.

It is no coincidence that Montpellier tops the charts as one of the sunniest cities in France.  The Montpelliérains have a deep attachment to their unique climate and proximity to the sea and visitors around the world flock to this warm spot to soak in its rich culture and infinite historical sites.  Once you experience Montpellier, you’ll want to come back again and again to the city that welcomes you with open arms to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

You can spend your time in Montpellier learning to speak French with natives!