Mini Group – English for Business at LSI LSI

  •      20, 30 or 40 lessons per week
  •      Intermediate to advanced levels
  •      Course length: 1-4 weeks
  •      1 lesson: 45 minutes (in the USA 50 minutes)
  •      5 Students maximum per class (minimum may apply to run the class, please check with the school)
  •      Courses begin: every Monday
  •      Minimum age 21

This course combines general grammar and skills development with an in-depth focus on the language of business.

The small, intensive group provides the ideal opportunity to practise negotiations, presentation and meeting skills in a realistic situation.

Intercultural awareness plays an important role in understanding the nature of global business and communication and the international mix of our courses and experience of our teachers provides the perfect forum in which to gain valuable knowledge.

Mini Group Plus One-to-One

Designed to complement the Mini Group, Plus courses are individual lessons flexibly arranged when you need extra help on a specific area or want to increase your rate of progress. Each lesson is 45 minutes, except in the USA (50 minutes/lesson).
Sample course plans:

  • 40 Mini Group lessons + 5 One-to-One lessons per week
  • 30 Mini Group lessons + 10 One-to-One lessons per week
  • 20 Mini Group lessons + 20 One-to-One lessons per week
  • 2 weeks Mini Group (40 lessons per week) + 1 week One-to-One (40 lessons per week)

The mini-group course is offered at the following LSI schools:

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