Medical Spanish Courses I and II @ AISL

This program is for professionals in all areas of medical care who require a basic conversational knowledge of Spanish.

Recommended modality: intensive Spanish program (20 Group classes and 10 one-to-one classes per week)

Purposes of the course

This program offers to the students an opportunity to:

  • Act as speakers, listeners, readers, and writers able to interact in a variety of contexts with colleagues and patients
  • Learn about the public health situation in our country.
  • Use communication skills while shadowing a health care practitioner in a hospital.



  • Perform interviews
  • Answer questions in an interview
  • Recount experiences
  • Give a short talk or lecture to an audience
  • Listen to stories and expositions
  • Give and interpret instructions


  • Find specific information
  • Identify main themes in a text
  • Monitor the global comprehension process, distinguishing what is comprehended and what isn’t
  • Communicate with others the new information collected
  • Compare different interpretations
  • Establish relationships between different parts of text using link words and proper punctuation
  • Establish relationships between the information provided and the student’s previous knowledge of the subject


  • Write formal letters or e-mails to introduce self, request information, make or answer queries, reports, and instructions.


During the classes, students will work with material specially designed for the Medical Spanish course. Students will:

  • Role-play interviews, instructions, and explanations to patients
  • Read texts on 1) health-care issues in Argentina and 2) pathologies prevalent in emergency room consults, pre-surgical files, or clinical histories
  • Present brief talks about study subjects

Medical Spanish Program Fee includes:

  • Spanish group classes (2 weeks)
  • Spanish private classes (20)
  • Registration and materials
  • Hospital Shadowing (2 weeks)
  • Accommodation with a host family (private room on half-board meal plan)

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