Introduction to LILA* PRO LILA

LILA* is here to help you develop your English language skills whatever stage you are at in life. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for a way to prepare yourself for working life or an experienced professional looking to expand your skills in English and progress your career we have designed a course to suit your needs.

LILA* PRO guides you through your career building skills and confidence. As a graduate you can start with improving your employability skills for the workplace in the LILA* From University to Work Programme, a programme specially designed to help you make the transition from academic life to the professional.

For those students looking for a real-life experience you can take one of our Work Experience Programmes to gain that all-important practical application of what you have learnt and improve your CV.

Once you have gained your dream job, the learning opportunities don’t end there. As a professional today, you need to ensure you remain competitive in today’s increasingly global job market and LILA* provides just what you need. LILA* PEPP (Personalised English for Practicing Professionals) is a bespoke English course for executives which develops your English for Special Purposes.

The LILA* UK Business Awareness Programme is a course to assist your understanding of business practice in the UK and provides networking opportunities to make those contacts for tomorrow’s business relationships. Our LILA* PRO suite of programmes is fully accredited by IAB and has been developed in partnership with Brain International Ltd.

Why LILA*?

LILA* is an independent language school located in a purpose built school in the heart of Liverpool city centre. We have a reputation of being a forwardthinking and student centred school, pushing boundaries with our contemporary facilities and academic standards. ‘Love to learn’ with LILA!

Why Liverpool?

Liverpool is a leading centre for many industries – for wealth management; for biosciences and for advanced manufacturing, among others. It has the fastest growing economy outside London; the city hosted Europe’s most successful ever Capital of Culture and more recently phenomenally successful Global Entrepreneurship congress.

Liverpool now offers fabulous new shops, restaurants and hotels plus plenty of musical, cultural and sporting events for you to enjoy. LILA* loves Liverpool – you will too!

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