Do you want to Learn French in Paris?

Speak French with Natives today!

Paris is THE top destination for tourism and the top destination to Learn French.

With 29 million of people, the city of lights knows how to attract tourists with many monuments like the Eiffel Tower (“the big lady”), the Sacred Heart, the Louvre, etc., and also its night life – all great spots to speak French with Parisians!speak French with Parisians

But moreover, Paris host each year around 50 000 foreign students. Paris is a great place to learn French, both the language and the culture.

In the capital, history (the French revolution, kings’ life, etc.) meets modern time (the Pyramid in the Louvre or the National Library). Living there means to experience the French history at any corner (with the architecture, museums, etc…); all quarters have their own atmosphere and particularities.

There is the touristic Paris but also the real Paris that you can only understand when living in the city for a while.

Then, you will get familiar with the French way of life and Learn French in Paris at the same time.

Paris, not like other cities, has its own rhythm and people take time to meet at cafés, to exchange and to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Places to learn French in Paris

The cultural offer is great and attracts lots of students since most of events have student discounts (cinema, concert, theater etc.).
Furthermore, equipment dedicated to students is numerous (in sport, cultural or musical fields).

That explains why there is a large student population. As a result, Paris was elected the “best town to study” in 2012 (by the English company Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd) before any other cities in the world.

Thus, the next question will be: why learn French in Paris? The answer is composed of many answers:

1. The French language is the first language learn after English,
2. More than 150 million of people speak French on the 5 continents,
3. 32 countries have French as their official languages
4. French is the third language used on Internet
5. Many institutions (like UNO or UNESCO) use French as the working language, among 5 other.

The French language used as a reference is French from France. All professionals will tell you: it is better to study in the country of origin in order to use its environment to progress.

So, do not hesitate and come to Paris to learn to speak French.