Scuola Palazzo Malvisi – Bagno di Romagna, Italy

Bagno di Romagna

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An old small town, nestling in the green of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, famous since roman times for the quality of its spa water springs. A quiet, and safe small town, the people here are welcoming and friendly.

Bagno di Romagna is a place famous not only for its Spa and its comfortable hotels, but also for the cuisine, its aromas and flavour await you in numerous restaurants, from the simple one to the famous Paolo Teverini or Gambero Rosso.

Italian is everywhere: living amongst the Italian people will give students ample opportunities to hear and speak the language all day and every day. Our students feel safe and are very quickly made to feel part of the community.

A peaceful and friendly environment, studying in Bagno di Romagna enables you to escape from the crowds in a place with just one Language School: Scuola Palazzo Malvisi. This is a place where total immersion is really possible.

Prices / Courses and Accommodation

See the full price list on the schools website.

Also, you can contact our staff at any time for a detailed price quote: Contact All About Languages / 1 (800) 620 – 5567

Scuola Palazzo Malvisi

  • Scuola Palazzo Malvisi was founded in 1981 and is one of the mostly appreciated schools for teaching Italian.
  • Scuola Palazzo Malvisi is located in an elegant 19th century building, just in the central square of Bagno di Romagna with 8 light, comfortable and well equipped classrooms, a self – study room, free wireless Internet, so be sure to bring your laptop PC!, student coffee area, free library and easy access for disabled people.

The teachers

You can be sure of the high standards of teaching; well trained, highly qualified teachers recruited not only for their teaching ability and their warm personalities, but also for the wide range of interests and skills.

We provide a service which is friendly, professional and supportive, a total Italian environment where you can hear and speak Italian all day.

Our friendly teachers, using a variety of classroom activities, will increase your Italian speaking confidence and enable you to speak more fluently, and with accuracy.You learn Italian better when are relaxed and having fun. That’s why our teachers create a positive classroom environment, where you feel comfortable speaking.

Our whole team of staff is dedicated to providing you with excellent courses in a warm, friendly and professional environment, as well as caring for every aspect of your stay.

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Italian Courses in Italy

Special program Over 50

A peaceful and friendly environment, studying in Bagno di Romagna means studying away from the crowds. Italian is everywhere; you hear and speak the language all day, every day; you live among people who speak Italian. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere in school, where everyone knows your name; professional teachers always at your disposal.

We offer a variety of structured courses to meet your needs, ensuring you make rapid progress and achieve your learning goals: we offer all levels from beginner to advanced.

  • 26 Group Lessons per Week + 4 individual

The aim of the course is to improve and develop your ability to communicate well in Italian in a variety of situations; covering all four skills: listening, speaking writing and reading using a wide variety of skills books and audio/video materials.

  • SMALL CLASSES – Maximum 6 students per class – enable us to focus on individual needs and teach in an interactive way, building confidence and communication skills offering a lots of opportunity to speak.
  • All students are tested on arrival, then places in a suitable class.
  • 4 individual classes.
  • Classes take place from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon 14.00 to 16.00 three times a week.

Accommodation in Italy

We take care about the accommodation we arrange for our client. We can offer a wide selection of friendly families, nice apartments and hotels.

The accommodation, personally selected and regularly visited by our own staff, is provided from Sunday before the beginning of the course (on request, from Saturday at extra charge) until the Saturday after the end of the course.


  • Selected host families in a range of a distance of 10 minutes walking or 5 minutes by bus, from the school. The families providing accommodation are warm, open and enthusiastic about spending time with their guests who can practice Italian.
  • The rooms for students are comfortable:  single room and breakfast are included.
  • For an extra fee, host families will provide half board.

Private accommodation in a shared apartment

  • It is in the center of the town, 5 rooms with private bathroom.
  • The students get to reach the school in less than a minute from the accommodation.
  • Breakfast is included in the price and, at extra charge, hot dinners will be provided.

Accommodation is at students’ disposal from the Sunday before beginning of course until the Saturday morning following end of course.

Not included: Airfare, Course materials, Airport transfers

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