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Food, Wine and Cooking in Italy, what more could you want from an Italian course in Sicily. In a cooking course in Italy you will be able to experience Italy’s vast history. Sicily has been influenced by many different cultures including the Greek, Spanish and Arabic cultures and that shows in its cuisine.

Babilonia offers a full range of different courses that are focused on cooking; here are their descriptions and prices:

The “Casalinga” Cooking Class

Learn home cooking the Sicilian way by a real Sicilian “mama” or “papa”. You will learn how to prepare a full meal with first course (pasta, risotto or soup), a second course (vegetarian, meat or fish), side dish (salad or vegetables) and, during the week, one sweet or cake.

The price includes dinner with “mamma” and family in her home!!!

  • 3 days a week, 3.5 hours per day

Wine Tasting for Beginners babilonia

Taste and analyze Sicilian wine with an expert. A great tool for future sommeliers!

  • 6 lessons (1 ½ hour each) in 2 weeks, including 1 visit to a wine producer cellar and fields

Products of Sicily: Wine, Oil and Cheese

Sicily has an extraordinary production of excellent wines, oils and cheeses. Come and learn more about them with a personal experience. The course includes tasting and explanations about origin, production, recipes.

  • 3 lessons (1 ½ hour each) in 1 week, including tasting

Cooking Classes for Real Chefs

This course is meant mostly for professionals or for people interested in “high level cuisine” and “nouvelle cuisine”.

You can observe professional while cooking at work in the kitchen of a top category restaurant. You will be tutored by a professional chef but, because of laws on hygiene and work you will not be allowed to touch or cut or mix food.

The course does not include dinner. At the end of the training a Letter of Recommendation is issued by the restaurant and the chefs. Not available in July and August.

  • 3 days a week, 3.5 hours per day: Price to be confirmed              

The Italian Cookery programs includes:

  • Standard group Italian course
  • Homestay accommodation (private room, half board meal plan)
  • Course certificate
  • Registration fees
  • Accommodation placement fees
  • Level evaluation
  • Internet use at the Italian school at Babilonia
  • Teaching materials
  • In-school and outdoor insurance
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Student card for in-town discounts
  • Air-conditioned classroom

*All courses are extendable for as many weeks as you wish. All courses are given in Italian, so knowledge of the language is required.

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