Internships in Siena Dante Alighieri - Siena

In a world in which an ever greater knowledge is required, not only of foreign languages but also of the work culture and mentality of each and every nation, it is extremely interesting to be able to combine studying a language with an internship that coincides with one’s own interests and training.

The experience that students obtain in a study abroad program is greatly enhanced when they have the opportunity to interact at a personal level with the Italian people.

Due to the recognition of the Formative Agency received from the Tuscan Region, our organization proposes a series of internship programs in order to facilitate the exchange of experience and information between foreign participants and the firms or Italian institutions in the Siena area. Several internship courses have been developed to allow students to take an active part in the community and practice their “real-life” Italian skills.

Our program has been carefully organized in accordance with official regulations which can be summarized as follows: internships are unpaid, insurance is included and covers work accidents and compensation for damage to third parties; time commitment is approximately 6-8 hours a day.

Each internship course that we offer includes

  • Entrance test to ascertain the participant’s language level
  • Group language course (from 5 to 12 people)
  • One-on-one lessons on the specific field of interest
  • Books and other didactic material;
  • Progress exams during the language course
  • Final exam and certificate of attendance;
  • Assistance and tutor to help the participant identify the most suitable business
  • I.N.A.I.L. insurance and coverage for damage to third parties

This program establishes co-operation between our Internship tutor and the manager of the selected firm to ensure the highest quality professional experience and to offer support and guidance for the student to monitor and maintain his/her progress. With the established agreement, the working day consists of 6-8 hours of unpaid work.


  • Accounting – Private Accounting offices;
  • Agriculture – farms, wineries, olive groves, cheese factories, honey farms etc;
  • Architecture – Private Architecture Studios (for students of architecture and interior design);
  • Gastronomy – Depending on the participants’ interests, there’s a wide range of internship arrangements, from restaurants in 5 star hotels to local restaurants to the simple trattoria;
  • Graphic Design – various studios in Siena;
  • High school – Liceo Classico “E.S. Piccolomini” (high-school President Prof. Nicola Buonabitacola) for second language acquisition assistance in the classes;
  • High school – Liceo Scientifico “G. Galilei” (high-school Presidente Prof. Antonio Vannini) for second language assistance acquisition in the classes;
  • Hotel – Various hotels in Siena (i.e. Hotel Athena, Hotel Academy, etc.);
  • Insurance company – Assicurazioni Generali for assistance to non-Italian speakers, translations, etc.;
  • Jewelry making – Private shops/laboratories in Siena;
  • Law – various law firms in Siena and surrounding towns;
  • Medical – University of Siena (formal agreement with the surgery department Dr. Prof. Alfonso de Stefano) for students of medicine;
  • Museums and Cultural events in the City of Siena – formal agreement signed by the City Mayor on January 23, 2008 – for internships (Tutor: Dr. Mauro Civai – Director of the Siennese Museums). Museums include Santa Maria della Scala, Museo Civico etc.
  • Photography – Freelance photographers;
  • Physical therapy – various offices in Siena;
  • Secretarial/front desk – various schools/institutions in Siena;
  • Volunteer organizations – CARITAS in Siena; Istituto della Misericordia di Siena (formal agreement signed by the Rettore on May 2005), the oldest volunteer organization in Siena founded in 1347 (Dr. Filippo Franchi – Vice Director) for:
  • Assistance to people with disabilities
  • Assistance to immigrants
  • Assistance to people in financial need
  • First aid with ambulance
  • Tourism – Azienda per il Turismo di Siena (APT) provides front desk information to tourists;
  • Other (car dealerships, sport centers, etc.)

Fee: 4 weeks of Italian language group lessons (15 hrs / week) + 4 private lessons + 4/12 weeks of internship

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