Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne Junior

Junior program of the French Civilization Courses of the Sorbonne

French classes for teens aged 13 to 17 years. This program combines French classes with summer camp activities which help young students to improve their French while having fun, meeting new friends and enjoying all the activities of Paris. Language courses, accommodation, all meals, excursions and extracurricular activities are included in the program.

With this program, students can enjoy a summer of learning and sport activities in a jovial and secure environment with a maximum supervision. This is why many parents are looking for such a program.

Classes are held in the morning, on the basis of 20 lessons per week. Each class period begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Classes are held for a period of eight weeks during the months of July and August. The minimum course duration is 2 weeks.

All meals and accommodation are provided on campus, with different accommodation facilities for girls and boys. There are also regular excursions, fully supervised, to many destinations.

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The French Course in Paris Consists of:

  • General French Course in Paris: 20 lessons of 45 minutes
  • Intensive French Course in Paris: 20 lessons of 45 minutes + 5 lessons of 60 minutes
  • Start dates in July & August (see link below)
  • Highly qualified, experienced French teachers
  • Planned social activities

Prices for the French School in Paris

See the full price list on the schools website.

Also, you can contact our staff at any time for a detailed price quote: Contact All About Languages / 1 (800) 620 – 5567

Prices include: 

  • French course in Paris plus accommodation
  • Internet use at the French school in Paris
  • Course certificate
  • Level evaluation
  • Course materials

Our school location

“The campus Saint Dominique” is located in the west of Paris in the prestigious residential area “Neuilly-sur-Seine” just a few steps from the “Champs-Elysées”.

Access to transports, as well as the Parisian monuments is very easy: The campus Saint Dominique is both served by the bus and the subway.

School facilities

1) A functional and fully equipped classroom, tailored to the needs of the students

2) A warm and friendly cafeteria where you can share moments with friends around great healthy meals while discovering French cuisine.

3) The teachers are all experts in “French as a Foreign Language.” They are experienced and concerned with the good understanding of their students.

4) A gym that you can use during activities or during your spare time to relax after a busy day.

5) A library and a computer room will be available to students with all the necessary material to study.

View location on Google maps:

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  • The “Qualité FLE” label

CCFS proudly bears the Qualité FLE label, which guarantees high quality education, diverse learning resources and a rich cultural environment.

See their website at:

Course options for students

The program runs on a standard basis of 20 lessons per week. The course consists of two parts: The practical classes can gradually acquire proficiency in French through grammar exercises and oral and phonetic classes can improve comprehension and oral expression.

  • 20 lessons per week (15 hours)
  • Certificate of completion of session
  • CCFS-Junior Student ID card


  • 25 lessons per week

During your stay in Paris with CCFS-Junior, you are motivated and you desire to make a significant progress? Enroll to our intensive program!

You will benefit from a program of 25 lessons per week. 5 additional lessons are spread throughout the week, one hour per day, at noon.

The class is limited to a small group of students to work effectively. The teacher can focus on weak points of each student. The last 20 minutes of the lessons are devoted to individual questions of each student.

This is an opportunity to study in small groups and to be fluent in speaking with a teacher who will be there to personalize his teaching according to your needs.

  • I. Objectives

Acquisition or development of mastery of the French language in all its components:

The study of language will be conducted in three perspectives;  give the capacity to express both written and oral facilitate behavioral fluency in all operations of daily life allow access to progressive literary or non-literary II. Course content (programs)

1. French Grammar

a) Morphology

  • The name and its determinants
  • The adjective
  • The system of pronouns
  • The invariable
  • The verbal system

b) Syntax

  • The simple sentence
  • Complex sentences by subordinating
  • The phrase
  • Sentence without verbs
  • Processes highlighted
  • The syntax of agreement

2. Lexicon

  • Simple words and words built
  • Compound words
  • Proper and improper diversion
  • Loans
  • The lexicons
  • Language levels
  • Antonyms and synonyms

3. Rhetoric and poetic

  • Metaphor
  • Some figures in consonance
  • Basics of versification

4. Phonetic

  • Notions of articulatory phonetics
  • Processing e-obsolete
  • Emphasis
  • Links
  • Matches sounds / spellings

5. French civilization

  • Major historical events
  • Political news
  • Famous writers
  • Fine Art
  • Problems of French society
  • Attractions French cities
  • Regional specialties in the provinces of France

III. Activities

* For writing

  • Grammar exercises
  • Dictated
  • Writing
  • Specific work on the property of the vocabulary Reading

* For oral

  • Working in groups
  • Presentation
  • Listening

IV. Rhythm and organization

  • Teaching on two consecutive weeks, Monday to Friday
  • 4 lessons of 40 minutes each (morning)
  • Every morning check of the acquired before The last lesson on Friday is devoted to control the gains of the week Monitoring attendance at the beginning of each session

V. Supports

  • Press articles
  • Video projections documents
  • From a certain level of understanding of written French, followed by work on literary texts possible.
  • Bibliography: Larousse conjugation

VI. Certification of studies

  • Issuance of a certificate of training
  • Organization of several levels and the capability to switch to a junior level for a second listing.
  • For more information, please visit French Civilization Courses of the Sorbonne.

Accommodation options

The most important aspect of a trip abroad is certainly the housing. In order that one’s stay goes well, it is essential that it be in a quiet, secured and well located place, equipped with every comfort.

This is why CCFS-Junior offers quality accommodation at the campus Saint Dominique.

Our campus is located in the west of Paris in the prestigious residential area “Neuilly-sur-Seine”. Access to transports, as well as the Parisian monuments is very easy: The campus “Saint Dominique” is both served by the bus and the subway.

The students are accommodated in double rooms with separate residential facilities for boys and girls.

All meals are served on campus. Exceptionally lunch boxes are served during excursions. Choices of vegetarian, halal, kosher are also available on request.

The sheets are changed every week. A laundry service is also provided on a regular basis.

On campus you will have access to a cafeteria, a library, a computer room and a gym. The campus is secure and monitored 24h/24 by agents. The animators are also present day and night for maximum supervision.

  • Double rooms
  • Shared bathrooms on the floor
  • 24h/24 monitoring
  • All meals
  • A fully equipped campus (Classrooms, library, internet room, gym, laundry service, etc.)

Full contact details for students


68 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré,
75008 Paris

Quality Guarantees

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