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Do I need insurance while I Study Abroad?

It is recommended not to travel without insurance; we can offer a wealth of information and process the relevant policy, you can find more information on our website by looking at AVI Student Insurance.

What luggage should I bring?

The airlines have a weight limit for luggage of 20 kg. We recommend one suitcase and a bag or backpack as hand luggage.

It is important to bring a towel and appropriate clothing for each season and country of study, not forgetting some warm clothes even in when travelling in summer.

How much pocket money do I need when I study abroad?

Although it is a very personal thing, depending on your destination, we recommend having about 70 euros per week for young people and 100 euros for adults, you should also have a security fund of 120 euros for possible emergencies.

My son / daughter is young, will the destination be safe for him or her?

Yes, our junior colleges are targeted and specialized for children and youths from an early age, ensuring successful language learning and an excellent stay and immersion in another country.

What time should my son / daughter return to their accommodation every day?

In a residential school, students are accompanied at all times by an instructor, with exceptions.

For family holidays, it is recommended that students stay home after dinner and make the most of family life.

When there is some scheduled activity the student should return at about 10pm.

Are study abroad schools recognized?

Yes, schools are recognized by various government agencies in different countries.

All About Languages guarantees the quality of teaching and accommodation is thoroughly inspected.

Will I get my course certificate?

Yes, students always receive a course certificate. As well as official level tests.

What should I do the first day of class?

You should report to the respective study center with the course acceptance letter for identification.

The school will welcome you and perform oral and written tests to learn your language level.

What will I do after school?

Children and young people have a varied activities program, which allows them to have fun while they experience the chosen city and its surroundings.

Adults and executives have optional activities and excursions.

When booking, will I have really have everything organized?

Yes, once confirmed, we will quickly send all the information about the school, course and accommodation. Also airport transfers if required.

What official documentation do I need?

You must have a valid individual passport for all countries, depending on the chosen country, possibly a student visa.

Minors must have permission of a parent or guardian.