English Plus Cross-Culture at Riversdown House

Winchester, England

What is Cross-Culture?

Cross-culture is what happens when people of different nationalities or cultures come together and interact.

If you have ever been on holiday to a foreign country, you will already know what cross-culture is all about. You will have noticed that many foreign customs and beliefs differ from your own. In a holiday setting, cultural differences can be fascinating and a great talking point.

Even if you “don’t agree” with these different ways of thinking and acting, there are no long-lasting negative consequences, as you are soon back home on familiar ground.

But, in a business context, cross-cultural differences can have major implications. For example, if you are a Sales Manager and about to give a vitally important presentation in a foreign country to win a big contract, should you give exactly the same presentation that you normally give at home, or should you modify your presentation style and content to suit the local audience?

What if your presentation style reflects “the hard sell” when your audience is expecting a soft and gentle approach? What if your presentation lacks detail, depth and figures, when this is exactly what your audience is craving?

Course Description

At Riversdown House we can teach you to be a more effective communicator in English, by providing you with both linguistic and cross-cultural skills.

Basic cross-cultural support is available as standard on all of our English language programmes. However, if you wish to address a particular cross-cultural issue or issues in depth, we can arrange for one of our specialist cultural trainers, subject to availability, to deliver part of your programme.

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The fees above are in addition to the main English language fees below:

  • Super Intensive (8 lessons with a trainer + 0 self-study sessions/per day)
  • Intensive (7 lessons with a trainer + 1 self-study session/per day)
  • Dynamic (6 lessons with a trainer + 2 self-study sessions/per day)
  • Flexible (5 lessons with a trainer + 3 self-study sessions/per day)

The fees above include:

  • One-to-one English Language & Cross-Cultural training from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 (8 lessons per day, see above for exact number of trainer-led lessons)
  • Needs and level analyses, and end of course report
  • All materials
  • All meals, morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Accommodation in a private on-site bedroom
  • Evening social activities (all included in fee, except optional visit to theatre)
  • Use of leisure facilities, e.g. 9-hole PGA golf course, gym, tennis courts, bicycles, sauna, swimming pool (summer months)
  • Full-day excursion on Saturday for clients staying more than one week
  • Transfers to and from the following airports: Southampton, Bournemouth, Heathrow & Gatwick


The “English + Cross-Culture” programme at Riversdown House combines top quality English language tuition with expert advice on cross-cultural differences – the whole programme is tailored precisely to meet your needs.

See their website at: http://www.crossculture.com/riversdown-house/

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