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ENGLISH FOR WORK AND BUSINESS is a course that will help you improve your Professional English Communication Skills and understanding of business vocabulary.

The course has been designed to provide you with an extremely practical focus on speaking, reading, listening and writing skills, which you will need when working in an English-speaking environment with UK and international partners or clients.

The course is designed to enable learners to work on their listening and speaking skills and to improve their pronunciation in the use of business and economic terminology.

Course participants will study formal English and colloquial language that may be used by business executives in formal and informal workplace settings.

This professional course also includes extensive email, letter and report writing practice, the language of meetings and presentations, background information about employment law, employees’ rights, work ethics, cultural awareness and the current global business environment.

At the end of the course students have the option of taking  the Cambridge BEC, LCCI English For Business, English For Commerce  and TOEIC Business English examinations.

The course covers the following subjects and much more:

  • Meetings, Negotiations, Telephone Skills and Presentations,
  • Speaking, Reading, Listening, Grammar, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms,
  • Business Correspondence ? Emails, Letters, Reports, Proposals, Offers,
  • Business Vocabulary: Sales, Finance, Marketing, HR, PR, Production, Tourism, IT etc.,


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