English for Business (EFB)

The BBSI English for Business course is designed for those who need to improve their English for the workplace.  The course provides practice in the language of business used in different international work contexts.

This course can be studied for between one and 16 weeks.  The minimum age for entry is 17 years, and the main course entry dates are in September, October, January, March, May, or July annually.  However, students may start their course at other times to suit their personal circumstances.

The English for Business course includes 30 lessons of forty-five minutes (22.5 hours total) weekly:

  • 20 lessons (15 hours) weekly in English for Business

10 lessons (7.5 hours) weekly in English Language (selected from one of the following):

  • preparation for Cambridge First (FCE)
  • preparation for Cambridge Advanced (CAE)
  • preparation for Cambridge Business (BEC)
  • English Language Workshop

See the BBSI school profile: BBSI, Bournemouth

Specialised Topics in EFB


  • describing organisations & their structure
  • change management
  • leadership styles
  • corporate strategy


  • modern approach to preparing CVs/resumes
  • cover letters
  • recruitment process
  • job advertisements & applications


  • budgeting & financial control
  • basic financial reports
  • describing trends

International Sales & Trade

  • sales techniques
  • negotiating
  • free/fair trade
  • outsourcing


  • branding & advertising
  • product development
  • segmentation
  • consumer behaviour

General Business

  • business travel & etiquette
  • competition
  • communication strategies
  • cultural awareness

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