D.E.L.E. Preparation Course

SLC, Marbella

Our Organization was founded in 1988 and is a centre of excellent prestige in the language-learning world. We have our own Spanish language school for adults (+16 years old) in Marbella, with a maximum of 8 students (average of 6) per class, which is certified by the INSTITUTO CERVANTES.

D.E.L.E. Preparation

D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official certificate of Spanish for foreign students, which is issued by the “Instituto Cervantes”. This diploma is particularly important for all those students who wish to study at Spanish universities or who would like to work in a Spanish speaking country. The specific aim of this course is to prepare students to pass the exam on one of its three levels:

1) “Certificado Inicial”: First certificate in Spanish language
2) “Diploma Básico”: Basic Spanish diploma
3) “Diploma Superior”: Advanced Spanish diploma

We offer an INTENSIVE D.E.L.E. preparation course focused on comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. It consists of 20 lessons in group complemented by 5 individual lessons devoted to the specific study of the D.E.L.E. The examinations are held in May, August and November.

  • Monday-Friday
  • 10:00am – 1:50pm
  • 50 minute speaking skills included
  • Free internet use
  • 5 D.E.L.E. lessons (the timetable of these lessons will be specified at the school)


  • Application Fee
  • Homestay, Single Room, Half-Board
  • Shared Apartment, Single Room, Self Catering

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