‘French immersion for adults in the heart of Provence’

When immersing yourself in a language, the pleasure of learning is a fundamental part of the experience.

No matter the goal you set for yourself – preparing yourself for settling in France, improving your job skills of learning for the sheer fun of it – CREA-LANGUES will make sure you enjoy your stay.

The key parts of our concept since more than 25 years:

Intensive classes given by our qualified and passionate team of teachers (4 to 6 hours of classes daily in small teaching groups, from 3 to 6 per class, for all levels but beginners), delicious Provencal meals with regional wines around the big dining table along with the teachers, to continue conversations and laughter… all in French.

A range of accompanied cultural, artistic, sports, gourmet activities and excursions during the afternoons and animated evenings.

Option private courses and special programmes for expats, teachers French and interpreters, as well as theme-weekends are offered.

CREA-LANGUES organizes one or two week courses, from April to September.CREA

The average age of the participants is 30 to 60.

Adults from all over the world enjoy their stay in the beautiful 19th century former Cistercian monastery.

Its quiet setting and its exquisite Provencal cuisine make your course an unforgettable experience.

The cloister and courtyard, the organic vegetable garden, the shaded terraces, the gorgeous swimming pool, the huge chimney in the income hall… in this welcoming ambiance, one feels very fast at home.

Our school is located near the ‘Gorges du Verdon’ and the ‘Lac de Ste-Croix”, one of the most stunning parts of Provence and at 6 km from the charming village of Moustiers-Ste-Marie.

After her course in July 2012, Youngmee K. wrote:

“With the understanding and encouragement of the experienced teachers, the challenge of immersion was not only manageable but enjoyable. The flexibility and breaks in the schedule allowed me now and then to retreat into a chapel where my beginner flute playing was transformed into a festival of echoing notes. One can enjoy an afternoon at the pool or simply sit in a quiet corner anywhere in the surrounding which looks like a piece of paradise in its natural beauty. Here one can almost see and taste the sun in the locally grown ripe tomatoes.

The meals are prepared and appreciated with wine and conversations in a manner such as I had never experienced anywhere but the most intimate family gatherings. The kitchen staff seems to work miracles day after day. The activities included hiking, canoeing, sailing, study of herbs growing around the monastery (of which there are many), visits of l’Occitane cosmetics factory, day or night outings into local towns, presentations on truffles and local wines, hands-on cooking class, and a visit and fascinating talk by a well known author.

Each activity was preceded by a preparation session which equipped the participants with vocabulary and background information to help them get the most out of the experience.  I was able to take advantage of a few from the offerings while also taking additional classes in some of the afternoons. I believe I got to know the region much better than would have been possible as a tourist.

The age, the language proficiency level, the background of the participants were varied and diverse. The positive atmosphere, the common goal, perhaps the diversity itself, combined with the hospitality of the hosts, Annemarie and Dhruv, and the teachers and the staff, all contributed to the spirit of fun, respect, and cooperation.

I am definitely more comfortable speaking the language after the program, although obviously 2 weeks of immersion cannot and will not transform somebody with a halting French into a fluent speaker. I feel, however, that I have taken a very solid first step in the right direction on a fascinating journey.”

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