Communication & Business Skills (CBS) 

The BBSI Communication & Business Skills can be studied for 4-8 weeks.  This course is designed for students who want to learn business terms in English, as well as the concepts and communication skills used in the international workplace.  The course is a challenging step up from general English study.

The minimum age for entry is 17 years, and the main course entry dates are in September, October, January, March, May, or July annually.  However, students may start their course at other times to suit their personal circumstances.

The course provides 34 lessons of forty-five minutes (25.5 hours total) weekly.  The minimum period of study is 4 weeks.

  • 20 lessons (15 hours) weekly in Communication & Business Skills
  • 4 lessons (3 hours) weekly in Professional Skills
  • 10 lessons (7.5 hours) weekly in English Language

See the BBSI school profile: BBSI, Bournemouth

Practice of the skills will include the following:

  • business discussion
  • presentation skills
  • business correspondence, formal & informal
  • meetings: agenda and minutes

Specialised Topics.

The number of topics covered depends on the duration of the course and the dates selected.  The full 8-week syllabus covers practice in the following skills:

  • introduction to business
  • management
  • communication & the workplace
  • marketing

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