Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT) at Atlantic Language GalwayAtlantic Laguage Galway

General  Information

The CELT programme is an English Language Teaching pre-service course providing participants with foundation skills and experience in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages.

This is a full-time course which takes place Monday – Friday from 9.00am – 5.30pm for four weeks, with a fifth, self-study week. At the end of this fifth week, trainees are required to submit a portfolio of completed assignments for assessment.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Become aware of the principles, methods and approaches of effective teaching
  • Develop a range of practical skills and abilities to teach English to speakers of other languages
  • Advance your own English language competence
  • Integrate and demonstrate your learning in a live teaching environment while developing your ability to reflect on your practice

CELT Full Time  – Course dates

  • 02 April to 28 April
  • 08 May to 01 June
  • 10 September to 05 October


  • Input Sessions

The main components are lesson planning, methodology and language analysis

  • Observations

Trainees are required to do 6 hours of observations of experienced teachers

  • Peer teaching

Peer teaching is intended to prepare trainees for teaching practice with non-native speakers

  • Teaching Practice

Trainees will complete six hours of teaching practice followed by review and feedback from trainers

An application form and Pre-course Language Awareness task must be completed and submitted for this course. Application forms will be sent once the initial registration form is completed online Once all forms have been received, applicants will be interviewed by the Course Director/Co-ordinator.

Course entry requirements

  • The minimum age of applicants is 20 years
  • Non-native speakers applying for this course must have a certified proficiency (C2) level of English. Applicants may also be required to take an entry test
  • Applicants should hold a level 7 qualification (e.g. a primary degree)
  • Applicants must successfully complete the application process including pre-course interview


  • Teaching practice 50%
  • Portfolio 50%
  • Total 100%

Candidates who are assessed as Approved will receive an ACELS validated Certificate in English Language Teaching which is recognised both in Ireland and abroad.

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