A traditional English language summer camp for 11-16 year-olds

Residential course with 22.5 hours of English classes combined with a fun-filled activity and excursion programme, this is perfect for students wanting to experience a traditional summer boarding school environment.

Included w/ Bucksmore Summer programs:

  • Full-board accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers (Heathrow & Gatwick airports)
  • Enrolment on Bucksmore Assessment
  • Personalised report card & certificate
  • Entrances to attractions on excursions
  • Full activity programme


Bucksmore Summer includes:

  • 22.5 hours of English tuition each week
  • 2 full day excursions and 1 half day trip per week
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme including sporting, cultural and fun games
  • Bucksmore end-of-course Assessment
  • Maximum class size of 11 students
  • Native English speakers join in conversation classes and activities (King Edward’s only)



Plumpton College is an amazing location at the foot of the South Downs and only 20 minutes away from the seaside town of Brighton. The College is an agricultural college during the academic year and as such it has a working farm; an Animal Care Centre; stables including one of the best horse-riding schools in the country; and beautiful grounds which can be used for outside activities.


King Edward’s school is located in the beautiful village of Witley, Surrey. This impressive school is within an hour of both London and the south coast of England, making it a great location for one of Bucksmore’s classic English summer schools.

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Course Requirements

  • Bucksmore Summer can cater for all levels of English, from elementary through to proficiency.
  • The age range for students at Bucksmore Summer is 11-16.
  • Bucksmore Summer has a nationality cap of 20%.

Course Content

The syllabus incorporates language study, language for life, project sessions, excursion link lessons and academic skills sessions.

The language study lessons focus on the communicative style of language learning and provide grammar and vocabulary tailored to a student’s ability. Whereas language for life lessons integrate a wider range of topics including learner training, literacy, culture and life skills.

The course aims to:

  • Build language skills and confidence gradually through our multi-level syllabus.
  • Help students achieve their individual goals in language learning.
  • Gain a better understanding of English books, films, songs, the internet and other media.

Academic Skills Sessions

The academic skills sessions give students an introduction to exam techniques and are intended to help students improve the skills of academic reading, writing, listening and speaking.

These sessions take place over two hours each week and culminate with students taking the Bucksmore Assessment.

The variety of lessons and teaching material provide students with a stimulating and comprehensive learning experience throughout their stay with Bucksmore.

Bucksmore Assessment

The Bucksmore academic team have researched and developed a brand new examination for 2016, the ‘Bucksmore Assessment’.

This has been introduced to replace the previously offered Trinity exam. Assessing a learner’s skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, it provides a more rounded evaluation of a student’s English ability.

The Bucksmore Assessment provides more relevant and appropriate language so learners are motivated to perform better than other, more adult-focused, exams.

Taken at the end of the course, the Bucksmore Assessment is designed to complement the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and to provide learners with a realistic determination of their English ability.

It can be applied against other international English exams such as Cambridge ESOL & IELTS. Students will leave the course with a certificate of recommended English level measured against the CEFR scale.

All students receive a personalised Bucksmore Education report card and certificate during the graduation ceremony at the end of their stay.

Native English Teenagers

At King Edward’s School local English teenagers take part in some of the morning classes. The experienced English Language tutors use the English teenagers to help in conversation classes and develop our students spoken and listening skills. These local native speakers will also join in afternoon activities and excursions in order to fully immerse Bucksmore students in the English language.

The English teenagers provide a model for the English used outside the classroom and allow students to practise and interact in genuine everyday situations. This real-life exposure to native English is an excellent way for students to become more confident in applying what they have learned in the language study and language for life lessons.

Activities & Excursions

Bucksmore Summer’s timetable is planned and organised by a dedicated Activity Manager, who is responsible for choosing and coordinating weekly activities and excursions. One of the key responsibilities of an Activity Manager is to respond to student requests and ensure that all students have a fantastic time during their stay.

Student Welfare

The wellbeing, security and safety of all Bucksmore students is our main priority. Our experienced staff team receive welfare training and there is always at least one first-aid trained member of staff available at any point during the day, as well links with local doctors and hospitals.

Bucksmore Summer has a minimum staff-to-student ratio of 1:7, led by a management team consisting of a Centre Manager, Activity Manager and Director of Studies.

A team of residential Bucksmore Counsellors, not only teach classes, but also take part in all activities and excursions. This gives students more than just ‘teachers’, but a higher level of pastoral care, friendship and supervision from our first-class Counsellors.

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