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Where should I study Spanish abroad?

By: Lawrence Morello

Studying Spanish abroad in Spanish speaking nations facilitates a better understanding of the Spanish language for sure. But again, all Spanish speaking nations do not provide equal opportunities for people who want to learn Spanish. Research indicates that South America remains one of the perfect destinations for people intending to study Spanish.study spanish in costa rica

Variations in the Spanish language

Like the English language, spoken Spanish language varies from one country to another. It’s therefore important to know the Spanish style spoken in various countries before making a choice on where to look for an institution to help you in learning Spanish.

The Spanish used in Spain is known as Castilian Spanish. It’s the closest version to the Spanish being taught in American schools. Students who are not quite confident with their foreign language abilities prefer what is commonly known as text-book style Spanish that is mostly used in Madrid as well as other major cities found in Spain. There are also several variations that are recognized throughout Spain. For instance the Catalan language remains the dominant tongue acknowledged in Barcelona

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The Spanish that is used in Costa Rica can easily be understood by foreigners. Even though 10% of the Costa Rican population speaks English, it’s not commonly spoken outside the tourist destinations. Students will most likely be excited to improve their Spanish skills in Costa Rica

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The Spanish language spoken in Argentina is quite complicated because of its unique pronunciation, intonation and grammar. This makes it difficult for the scholars to understand but again they enjoy the challenge. Argentina’s large population lends several slangs and accents spoken throughout the country. The Italian language influence is also felt here because of Argentina’s European influence.

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Top subjects by destination

Spain Study Spanish in Spain

While it’s compulsory to study Spanish for students who study abroad in Argentina, Costa Rica or Spain, each country has its strong points in numerous other subjects also. As one of the most common destinations for American students who are studying abroad, Spain remains one of those countries that offer courses to students who have no Spanish language proficiency.

Apart from extra-curricular activities like Spanish dances, Spanish cooking as well as flamenco guitar, other complementary subjects in Spain using the Spanish language include;

  • Politics
  • History
  • Art
  • Communication
  • Business

Costa Rica

Because of being the greenest country in the world, Costa Rica remains the best location for students intending to do environmental studies. Finding English classes in Costa Rica is more difficult as compared to the Spanish language. Students who study Spanish in Costa Rica will always find the courses mentioned below beneficial. These courses include;

  • Conservation
  • Botany
  • Geology
  • Ecology
  • Wildlife or marine biology
  • Environmental science


Because of having the best universities in South America, Buenos Aires is amongst the top 10 cities to learn Spanish. Here they have several universities; this gives the students an opportunity to choose the best university for studying Spanish amongst them. Spanish study programs for Spanish speakers are easily found here at all levels. Argentina’s diverse geography and unique past makes it an ideal destination for students willing to study the following subjects;

  • International business
  • Latin American studies
  • Architecture
  • History

The Right Cultural Fit


Spain is home to the siesta, and countless festivals that include Semana Santa, Festival de San Fermín and La Tomatina. Here they have a population of proud students and extroverted individuals who enjoy larger crowds and lots of jokes. Spain’s institutions will always get an adventurous and enjoyable experience.

Students who take advantage of the bike share systems when exploring local sights will always find Spain enjoyable. Even though larger cities are pricier because of the pressure of taking part in night life, the affordability of studying in Spain will be dependent on your lifestyle

Costa Rica

For students who want to enjoy life to the fullest, Costa Rica is the most preferred destination. Students can spend their free time visiting night clubs, playing soccer or learning to surf. Because of Costa Rica’s small size, transportation is more affordable here.

Home stays amongst students are very common here because there is limited housing for university students even though renting apartments for international students is another viable option as well

Argentina Study Spanish in Argentina

Argentina is also another ideal option for international students studying Spanish. It’s a good destination for those operating on a pocket friendly budget. Argentina has a strong economy and is a perfect option for students with Latin and European roots.

While most Spanish students opt for home stays, several universities in Argentina offer residences or dormitories for students studying Spanish.

Last, but not least, ensure that you look for any institution that teach Spanish and is recognizable by the state so that you can be taught how to speak Spanish in the best appropriate manner.

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