Top 4 Travel Social Networks – Summer Vacations Get Social.


Top 4 Travel Social Networks

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The best way to escape the heat is to travel to a cooler place. And you’ll only be clever if you plan your trip well in advance so you make a good use of the summer vacations.

If planning trips is not your thing, there are several travelling sites to help you choose a destination that will assist you to plan your trip. But if you want a less commercial and more friendly, credible opinion check out travel social networks.

There are multitudes of such networks and blogs where travellers discuss and share their personal experience and dole out helpful advice to make your trip a successful and enjoyable one. And this article will help you select the best social networks that you can look up. Here is listed the best four sites of the lot.


This travel website provides you with directory information and helpful reviews of all travel-related issues, from Dubai Short Stay to a complete European travel.

It is one of the most-visited sites, with a count of 35 million monthly visitors and 15 million registered members. The website has interactive travel forums where users and share their experiences or ask their queries. TripAdvisor has the largest travel community and many users have also shared photos of their trips and reviews of restaurants and special attractions of a particular place.


Trip Advisor

It is a free, travel-related community website that features travel guides for locations all over the world, contributed by the users. The website is popular for its useful contents which include, tips and reviews, sells advertising, online forums, and also provides efficient links for travel booking. The website collects revenue from its advertisements, so it offers free membership and all the amazing features can be accessed without any charges.

VT uses social media techniques in order to provide efficient content for travellers, as well as to facilitate a sense of community through its travel forums, which are always active. It organizes social events all over the world, in which the VTers get together and come face to face. The 6th annual Euromeet was held in May 2010, where more than 150 VTers across the globe met in Krakow, Poland. VT boasts a count of million registered members and 1.7 million travel reviews and 3.6 million photos of over 72,977 destinations.

  • Wikitravel

Wikitravel, a web-based shared travel guide project, it is based upon the wiki model, and was launched by Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins in 2003. It is constructed by collaborating of all Wiki Travellers from across the globe. The articles maintained cover geographic specificity, ranging from continents to districts of a city. The website also contains articles related to travel such as phrasebooks for travelers and suggested itineraries.

  • TravBuddy

TravBuddy is a free-of-charge community for travelers and explorers, all over the world. The unique feature of the site is that it helps you to find other individuals interested in joining you.  Also, the users can stay in touch with friends and family by registering their trip in a travel blog.

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