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Interesting Things that Happen When you Study Abroad

Interesting things that happen when you study abroad

(and strange things as well)

  • Written by: Lawrence Morello

Making a decision to study abroad is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your academic life. Not only can you earn credits towards your degree program but: you are also going to develop a new language or improve your existing language abilities, prepare for a career in diverse and international work environments and you are also going to gain a new perspective in your field of study.

Most importantly, you are going to have a cross cultural interaction with other cultures. However, less amazing things are also bound to happen especially when you are new but fear not, for the transition will be a fast one and you will soon be enjoying your time abroad. Below are some of the interesting things that happen when you study abroad.

  1. You become fiercely independent

It is always a great opportunity to learn how to function like a real adult. When you get abroad, you will come to realize that there will be no one to do some of the things that used to be done for you while you were at home, such as cooking and budget your money. You will learn to make new friends not through the influence of other friends but through yourself.

You will start making the decisions of where to go whom to visit etc. In general, what I am trying to say is that once you get abroad, you will be the skipper of your own ship something that would have taken a long time if you were back home and trust me, your parents will that.

  1. Appreciate your family more

Truly absence makes the heart fonder and this being your first time spending time far from home you will miss your family. Time difference will make this experience even harder but you will strive to ensure that you reach them over the phone no matter the time of the day. When you finally get to be reunited with your family, it will be like Christmas.

  1. You make friends more easily

When you study abroad, most likely you will know only a few people from your group or none at all. This will be a challenging experience and you will be forced to make new friends in order to survive. This is a skill that will come in handy and you will learn to easily make friends and in return become extroverted. You will become more confident in presenting yourself and that is why foreign student know how to find love easily as they perfect the art of making new friends.

  1. Get the traveling bug

You will become addicted to traveling in the sense that you will constantly want to travel to a new place just for the fun of experiencing something new. If you are an American, Europe will become your second home as you will be traveling on and off until you become like one of the natives.

Apart from the interesting things that you will experience when you arrive in your new university abroad, you will also get to experience strange things as noted below:

  1. Not knowing what is going on and culture shock

Things at the new school will probably look different and it will take a while before you start figuring out school and the cultural traditions. This is common with everyone who decides to study abroad. The new culture might be overwhelming including the food but with time, you will learn to make sense of it all.

  1. Difficulty in understand the new Lingo

A new country means a new language. Even if the new country will be speaking your same language, there will still be a regional slang that you will have to pick on.

  1. Getting to be asked the same stereotypical questions over and over again

Once people learn that you are from a particular country, they will begin to ask some of the stereotypical questions they have read or heard about your country. Even though sometime this might be fun especially since it is one way of making new friends but sometimes, it ends up being nagging as some of those stereotypes might not be good.

  1. Get lost and end up in some of the most amazing places

When you are new in your new country, everything will somehow look familiar. Time and again you will get lost but end up in the strangest but terrific places where you will build your memories as the first places you ended up in when you got lost while you were new.

In general, let us admit it; it is totally amazing studying abroad. Some of the friends we get to make end up becoming our lifelong friends and interesting enough some people even end up living there as they cannot stop loving the experience of their second home.

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