Accommodation Abroad

Options Available From Every Language School

There are many different types of accommodation abroad which is available to international students who attend a language school.

At All About Languages we do our best to make your choice as easy as possible.

Below you can find the main characteristics of the 3 types of accommodation abroad offered while you learn at a language school:

Homestay Accommodation Abroad:

Live with a native family while you study abroad in the destination of your choice!

You can choose a single or double room that includes breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner). There are also a limited number of families that offer rooms with independent kitchen facilities. The family provides all of the bedding and towels and laundry is done on the premises.Accommodation Abroad

All of our host families are carefully selected and controlled to ensure our students enjoy a comfortable and happy stay. No students who speak the same language will be placed together with the same family.

We recommend this option if:

  • You want to practice the language that you are learning abroad and learn more about the lifestyle of the country where you are studying
  • You want to live in a family environment, safe and cozy
  • You are looking for a lower cost accommodation abroad option

Accommodation AbroadStudent Residences abroad:

The student residences usually offer shared kitchen facilities or cafeterias and give you the opportunity to learn a language with fellow students even away from your classes.

We recommend this choice if:

  • You want a more independent lifestyle during your stay at a language school
  • You want to meet and interact with other foreign students
  • You want to live closer to the school
Stays in apartments abroad:

For those students who want even more freedom and independence while they study abroad, staying in an apartment located near your school another option.*

The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with the following amenities (may vary):study abroad apartments at a Language School

Washing machine, cooking utensils, stove and microwave.

Meals are not included in this type of accommodation abroad.

*Apartments are subject to availability and we advise that you book well in advance.

Stays at Hotels / Hostels:

If you would prefer to stay in a Hotel / Hostel while you learn a language and are searching on your own, we can provide detailed information on area hotels.

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