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Below you can see what some of our study abroad students had to say…

“I am now in Valencia five months and things have gone amazingly according to plan, thanks in a very great part to your efforts! You have been in my thoughts for awhile now, but frankly, I have been having such a good time learning Spanish, meeting new people, teaching English, and ‘living the life’, that I haven’t had a chance to properly thank you for handling all the arrangements for my schooling, my apartment… which I know was quite difficult because of my dog… and all the paperwork I needed for my VISA.

You made it so easy for me, and any anxieties or peculiar questions I had, you picked up the phone and were able to speak to the schools directly in Spanish. All of this excellent, personal service and it didn’t cost me anything!

Thank you Lawrence, for sharing your experience, your advice, and most of all for your patience and for calming my nerves.”

  • Doris

“I really liked the residence and the way (that) we were treated by our professors. Thank you!”

  • David A.

“The truth is that the trip was great and everything went even better than planned. Thanks a lot for everything, I always wanted to study in Europe!”

  • Jennifer J.

“I finished my course 2 weeks ago and I am very happy with the way my trip to Montreal went and with my classes at LSC. The school was great. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience.”

  • Mariano M.

“The trip was a wonderful experience. The school was very good, its location, the teachers, the materials, etc…”

  • Nazareth D.

“Thanks for asking, the trip was awesome, everything went really good. The classes were perfect, I definitely learned a lot. And New York was INCREDIBLE!  So everything was great, thank you very much.”

  • Rafeal P.

“Hi, the truth is that our time in Liverpool was really great, too short though…

The classes in LILA were helpful, the staff was very nice. The residence was perfect and I honestly have no complaints about it.”

  • Sara P.